Once you decide a picture hanging system is for you, it’s a slippery slope. It becomes all too easy to cast off the chains of convention and start thinking way outside the box. This could be a good thing, or it could be a questionable thing – that is the whole beauty of the system though, you’re never stuck with one item or arrangement. Once you get sick of a piece of art or other object, you can simply take it down and add something else. It almost seems too good to be true! But it’s not, so without further ado, here are a few simple and awesome ideas for your new picture rail:

  1. Create a dedicated kids’ art wall. Choose a few of your favorites out of their hundreds thousands of masterpieces, frame them, and make your little ones feel like Picasso by proudly displaying their hard work for all your guests to see.
  2. Hang whiteboards or chalkboards from it. This also makes the kiddos happy, as it gives them a place where they’re allowed to draw on the “wall”. Even better, hang oversized versions in the playroom or their bedroom and give them a creative outlet that’s all their own. Once they’re grown, replace the surface with more mature artwork – like boy band posters.
  3. Use your picture hanging system to create a unique coat rack – mount a rail in the front hall and place timeless wooden hangers along the hooks.
  4. Make holiday decorating a breeze – you know all those cute little door hanger decorations (the skeleton for Halloween, wreaths for the holidays, etc.)? Create an entire holiday-themed wall by hanging them along your gallery rail. Mount one on the fireplace wall or ceiling and voila! Instant stocking holders that can be replaced with regular artwork after the holidays are over.
  5. Ramp up the man cave – cement basement walls are no barrier for our ceiling rail. Put a picture rail up in the hubby’s male retreat area and let him go to town with pennants, autographed photos, sports posters, and whatever his manly heart desires.

It doesn’t end there. Think about how to put these innovative hanging solutions to work for you. Baskets (as long as the contents don’t cause them to exceed the rail or cable weight limits), mirrors, almost anything is fair game. When the look bores you, get to work finding something else fun and different to hang up! And because Mbs has the best prices in the industry, you can afford a rail for every room in the house.