Break down barriers with the Ceiling Rail Picture Hanging Systems! Create a gorgeous picture or art display with our discreet, ceiling-mounted rail. Add, change, or rearrange as often as you want, wherever you want!

The Ceiling Rail may be our most versatile rail ever! It can be mounted to the ceiling or the floor (or both for a tensioned system!) and can be installed in an open or closed face style. Open faced installation makes it a bit easier to make changes to your display, while a closed face installation does a bit better at hiding the mounting hardware from view.

Picture Hanging System


Use our rugged and discreet aluminum Ceiling Rail to just about anything you please! Create a unique storefront display, create a double sided picture wall to divide a room, or hang your art suspended in midair - the possibilities are endless!

All of our cables and rods simply hook onto the top of the rail in one simple motion, which saves you time and headaches. This makes an impact in any installation, but it makes the biggest difference in places where a display might be changed many times per week.

Choose from the nearly invisible Nylon Cables or super strong Stainless Steel cables! For the heaviest art, use our heavy-duty aluminum Hanging Rods, which come in multiple finishes and can hold up to a jaw-dropping 70 lbs (31 kg) per rod! All of our cables and rods are offered with one of two end types: "J" End or "P" end. It's mainly a matter of preference, but the "J" end does hang art slightly more flush and parallel to the wall.

Not only is the Ceiling Rail easy to use, but it's also amazingly discreet. Don't distract your audience with bulky hanging hardware. The Ceiling Rail is under 1 1/2'' (30 mm) tall and under 1/2'' (12 mm) thick - get the sleek Ceiling Rail and keep the focus where it should be, on your amazing display!

Despite its compact dimensions, the Ceiling Rail can hold up to 150lbs (68 kg) on a single rail! Installation is as easy as ever - our Art Hanging Rails will change the way you look at Picture Hanging Systems forever!

Build your own system quickly and easily with our Classic Rail Configurator! View a Comparison Chart to see the main differences between all of our rails. If you have more questions, feel free to give us a call at 813-938-6025 or send us an email at - we're more than happy to help in any way we can.