At MBS we do not have sales often.  The reason is we follow the business strategy of the worlds largest retailer in that we price our items low every day (sound familiar?).  That is why you don't see sales very often there or here.  

Our prices are anywhere from 30%, to over 60% lower on some items than our competitors.  If you're buying standoffs or hanging systems like click rails, classic rails, ceiling rails or even our Z-Clips and you're not buying from MBS you're probably wasting money.

This week we have on sale the following.

68 Piece Driver Set

Stubby Driver set

Sign Setter

Double "L" Display Bracket.

LED Cable Display

Flag Sign Display

Quick Change 8.5x11 Standoff and Acrylic display.

Tamper Proof Screw and Washer Set. 

Save money. Save Time with MBS.