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Posted in Standoffs  |  By Louise Martin

Love the Standoffs Look, but can't drill holes in your material? Edge Grips are perfect for you! Simple, adjustable, and easy to use, they come in many sizes and colors that will work for any application!

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Posted in Standoffs  |  By William Hall

For works in progress, or signs that you just haven't figured out how you want to permanently mount, there are edge grip standoffs. While they are more than perfectly adequate to provide permanent and secure placement for any sign, they serve a better purpose in that they don't require the drilling of holes to mount any sign. There are materials like stone and glass that can’t be depended upon to not break or shatter when drilled, so the standoff edge grips would be the perfect solution for mounting signs made on these surfaces. Sometimes any inset mounting hardware might interfere with or obscure details of a sign, so again, this would be a perfect opportunity to install the sign with convenient edge mounts.

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Posted in Cable & Rod Systems Glass Sets  |  By David Reed

Inexpensive standoffs, edge grips and suspended systems are examples of resources that can help modify and improve product displays and arrangements. Available in a variety of sizes and materials, these accessories make signage and markers management easier. While these parts have changed the way some signage and advertising are carried out, there are still a few business owners and managers who are still clueless on how standoffs and adjustable edge grips work and for what applications. Here are three (3) recommended projects where standoffs and adjustable edge grips are perfect fit.

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Posted in Standoffs  |  By Timothy Wilcox

When you put something on display, whether it's a simple name plate on your desk or a photograph of your prize winning bass on the wall, you want to be sure that what's holding it up is solid.

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Posted in Standoffs  |  By Gary Freitas

The term 'standoff' refers to display panels, artwork, lift glass on a table, and lobby signs. Edge grip standoffs are typically used for hanging signs, and are absolutely wonderful for those businesses that need a better way to display the company name.

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Posted in Standoffs  |  By Maria Erwin

Edge grip standoffs are a great way to make everything you install much more safe and easy to get around in the house. That means that you can put in very nice items in your home that can be protected by the edge grip standoffs.

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