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Posted in Cable & Rod Systems  |  By Debra Mills

As a Property Representative, it is more crucial than ever to stand out in the marketplace. You want to ensure that you are doing things that nobody else is doing. You want to make it simple for potential purchasers and tenants to see your houses in order to create interest. In this post, we will be reviewing a few of the various things that you must try to find when you are purchasing property window display systems.

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Posted in Cable & Rod Systems  |  By Patricia Staples

Your letter-size glass poster displays will be far more appealing if you have surrounding LED lighting to draw attention to your message. Our MBS Standoff Light Pocket is used with our power suppliers and connectors. Your display will sit on any surface, surrounded by bright light to point your customers’ attention to any message you need them to see.

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Posted in Cable & Rod Systems  |  By Mark Davis

When you want to add immediate “WOW!” to signs and posters, LED illuminated signs definitely fit the bill. Similar to light boxes, they employ light-up graphics which are printed on translucent materials, and they go a long way in increasing visibility and attention.

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