Where did Standoffs get their name from?

standoff systems

Standoffs received its name from the special way it is installed to a wall or surface area. Instead of being installed flat or hanging from a wire or post, the standoff system utilizes metal spacers to hold the indication out from a flat surface area. These posts appear like a piece of hardware called a standoff, which is utilized to different parts from each other in making some electronic and mechanical systems. Because of the resemblance in the hardware, the approach of hanging or installing signs or displays making use of hardware that passes through the material and holds the material above the mounting surface area ended up being called a standoff system. Due to the fact that standoff systems need the holes to be drilled in the sign or glass for the installing hardware to go through them, they are in some cases described as "spacers".

Standoff systems

Standoff hanging signs are an appealing option for an office since they have an expert look and are simple to alter without causing wall damage. Most of the times, a standoff system makes it simple to change one display with another, while making use of the hardware currently in place. This indicates less money and time invested working with individuals to hang signage or displays when workers move or décor changes. MBS-Standoffs manufacture and sell many different kinds of standoff systems. To see all our standoff systems please click on the standoff that interest you below. Of course our sales personal are here waiting to serve you at 813.938.6025