LED Poster Panel

LED Light Box

Looking for advertising light boxes? MBS has paired our ultra-slim led light box with our acrylic display to create an super low profile acrylic lightbox. Our LED slim light box not only provides a beautiful ultra-bright poster panel to display your brochures and informational material, it also is energy efficient and last over one-hundred thousand hours.

While a traditional light box sign based off of an incandescent or halogen bulb produces enough heat to burn a person who is changing the advertisements or servicing the unit. The LED light box is at most lukewarm to the touch and produces much less heat; therefore carry less risk of burning someone or causing a fire.

Light box led systems serve as great promotional tools for:
LED Light Box
LED Poster Holder with our LED Light Box

LED Poster Holder

At MBS we always use top quality materials to ensure we are providing the best visual appearance for your displays. In addition to their quality our led poster holder provides both user-friendly and functional designs. Even better, our LED light box solutions can be mounted in either a vertical or horizontal configuration based on the requirements of your creative ideas.