Flag sign. 7'' x 7'' x 3/16''

Flag sign. 7'' x 7'' x 3/16''
Flag sign. 7'' x 7'' x 3/16''

Our Stainless Steel Projecting Flag Sign is perfect for all your indoor applications. Set your company apart with beautiful, professional signage and show your customers that you mean business. Thanks to the easy installation process you can have an exhibit displayed anywhere you would like in no time! If you look below you will notice technical descriptions about our Projecting Flag Sign.
Regular Price: $119.14
Special Price: $99.90
SKU: 160.304
Sku 160.304
Diameter 11/16''
Distance From Wall 13/16''
Material Stainless Steel
Finish Satin Brushed
Inside/Outside Inside Use Only
Washer Included
Thickness Material Accepted Between (5/16'' and 5/16'')
Length 7 7/8''
Screw Size for Installation #8
Anchor for Concrete ANC2
Anchor for Dry Wall ANC6, ANC6Z
Installation Hardware (2) #8 Screws & Anchors
Tools Required M3 Hex key, M4 Hex Key, Phillips Screwdriver

Installation is very easy!
First, mark where you will mount your standoffs, then drill any holes necessary and insert your anchors.
Before attaching your glass, we will mount the display to the wall.
Loosen the Set Screw from the Wall Mount points and removing the mural supports.
Next, slide a screw through the mural supports and tighten them securely into your anchor.
Slide the Wall Mount points onto the mural supports and tighten the set screws down.
Loosen the set screws on the glass connectors, place each half on either side of your material and tighten the set screw down.
Finally, loosen the set screws on the top hanging supports, place a washer on either side of the glass, insert your material between the supports, and tighten the set screws back down.
When all points are tightened down, take a step back and admire your beautiful display!