Self Locking Looper

Self Locking Looper
Self Locking Looper


Our Self-Locking Looper is a simple device designed for use with any of our hanging cables and the steel S-Hook or Swan Hook.

The looped end hooks over the S-Hook or Swan hook, then a picture hook is attached to the cable to hang your art from.

Thanks to the easy installation process you can have an exhibit displayed anywhere you would like in no time!

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Sku DG005
Diameter 1/16''
Material Aluminum
Finish Clear Anodized
Installation Hardware None Needed!
Tools Required None Needed!

Press one of the Self-Locking Looper's buttons, then insert the end of your cable through. Press the other button, create a loop with your cable, then slide back through the self locking looper. After you release the buttons, the Self-Locking Looper will hold the cable in place and you can finish setting up your system!

Simply loop the Self Locking Looper cable around the end of your S-Hook or Swan Hook.

Attach your choice of hook to the Self Locking Looper's cable and you have an excellent system to hang your art from!