Mbs-systems-pro offers a range of differently colored fasteners for its Quick Snap system. Our oval fasteners are the ones to use when parts of your letters are too narrow for a round fastener. When used with our Quick Snap system, you will be able to make signs for your business that are effective, clean, and professionally stylish.

All of our clear, white, black and grey oval fasteners are 13/16” (21 mm) x 9/16'' (15 mm) and offer a standoff of 7/8.” They are capable of holding letters up to 27 9/16” in size. Our oval fasteners have bodies that are screw mounted and heads that mount to the letters with adhesive. To prevent them from being visible within or behind mounted letters, the heads of all of our oval fasteners are clear.

All of our oval expanders have been treated to be anti-UV. Mbs-standoffs offer pricing reductions to those purchasing more than 100 or 500 units at a time.