Amazing and Affordable
Cable Systems!

Ideal for artistic shelving and display units

Flexible Options That Mount to Ceiling, Wall & Floor!

Stunning Inexpensive
Aluminum Standoffs!

Make any project standout and shine.

Available in a variety of different finishes.

This modern look. . .

will make you stop in your tracks!

Customizable Line!

Aluminum and Stainless Steel Available!

Bring Style and Substance to Your Signs & Displays!

Make your projects unique
with Our Inexpensive
Line Standoffs!

This line gives you the ability to hang multiple layers, making your

project gleam!

Gorgeous Edge Grips!

Sophisticated Brushed or Polished Stainless Steel.

No Holes Needed in Material!

Radiant Rod Systems!

The perfect option for modern

shelving & displays.

Available in Aluminum and Stainless Steel.

Divine Screw Covers!

Get the "Standoffs Look"

Alternative Function For Flush Mounting Solutions.

Dazzling Desktop Standoffs!

Perfect for Unique Name Plates.

Aluminum and Stainless Steel Available.

Desktop Standoffs!

Available with material connectors

for larger materials.

Perfect way to showcase awards

diplomas, certificates, etc.

Not Just For Hanging!

Standoffs can be used to create unique counter tops.

Give your office a new modern feel!

MBS has Exceptional Certified
Customer Service Representatives

We are here to help with orders, questions,
or quotes!

Anything you need. . . call, email, or chat
one of our reps today!

Don’t Just Hang Your Art!

Make your art standout and sparkle!

With our products. . .

Make your projects come alive!

Dare to be Different!

Your own twist!

Add to our products

to be your own!

Like, lighting behind your standoffs!

So easy to install, its like counting to 3.

Step by step videos on our

YouTube Channel!

Mbs is Green!

We recycle all unused materials

(wood, aluminum, paper, etc.).

2010, 2013, 2014 recipient of the Green

Business Award by the

lle de France Business Association

A Variety of Styles, Finishes, & Sizes!

So many ways to use!

The possibilities are endless!


Solid Aluminum or Stainless Steel

Be Impressed by this economic

High Quality Sign Hardware!

MBS Standoffs

America’s #1

Choice for Standoffs!

Have an Idea?

Submit ideas for new products or options!

We are always looking for ways to improve!



Ideal for hanging channel letters!

Easy and Effective!

MBS' Simple Sample Box!

Easy to carry around for Outside Sales Reps!

Great tool for customers to see and touch!

Exquisite Acrylic

Sample Display

Over 29 Different Products.

Perfect tool to use with customers.

Decorative Shaped

Standoffs Caps!

Low Profile, Conical, & Rounded Heads.

Available in our High Quality Stainless Steel

NEW! Terrific Square Standoffs!

Modern & Remarkable Design

For Upscale Projects

Easy Installation &

Modern & Remarkable Design

Sexy Square Standoffs!

A Unique & Attractive Design.

Available in Brushed Stainless Steel

Standoff Glass Sets!

Unique Name and Room Plates

Make Your Business


Elegant Suspended Systems!

Perfect for Art & Business Signs
Cable and Rod Systems.

Available in Aluminum and Stainless Steel Finishes!

First Class,

High Quality


Extremely Affordable Prices!

Large Variety of Products!

Our Products

Give You

Endless Options!

Your mind is your blueprint!

Impressive Flag Sign!!

Projecting Mount for

A Distinctive Look!