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Panel Mount

Panel mounts are a great way to hang any signage, artwork, or wall panel that requires it to be flush or as close to the wall as possible. We carry three main styles which include the Z-Clip, Flush Mount brackets, and the Button-fix. Each of these serve their own purpose and there is an array of possibilities when using these systems.


The Z-Clip is available in three different lengths and three different thicknesses. All of our Z Clips are made of aluminum and are lightweight and durable. Designed for both pieces of the clips to interlock, securely locking panels in place. Ideal for Hanging Wall Panels, Partitions, Artwork, and Signs.

Flush Mount

Flush Mount Hanger Brackets are great for securing Panel, wall units, and Signage to the wall. One-piece fits into the other to form a solid, streamlined interlocking mount, much like the Z-Clip. Since it measures only 1/8'' thick, there is very little visible gap against the wall. When you need to remove the wall hanging for cleaning, painting or any other reason, simply lift it off the brackets


The Button-fix is a very versatile system and allows the user to hang panels, signs, artwork, and even assemble cabinets. The Button-fix can be secured by screws or adhesive pads. Installing the Button-fix is fairly simple. There is a locator button that marks the location of where the screws will go, leaving little room for alignment issues during installation.