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At MBS Standoffs, we realize the importance of premium quality screw caps and screw head covers. That is why we take immense pride in offering the finest quality, aluminum and Stainless steel screw covers that will last for many years. In addition, they are sold in a set of 4 and come with a threaded ring for mounting for easy installation.

Screw Covers – Decorative Caps

Shiny Screw Covers (Silver)MBS designed screw covers (not to be confused with caps for standoffs) are made of high quality aluminum or stainless steel. The type of screw covers provided on our website are threaded to ensure they are securely mounted yet easy to remove for repair. MBS has created an entire line of decorative caps and screw covers to ensure we are able to provide what you or your clients are wanting. We have a variety of anodized finishes for the aluminum screw cap covers including:

  • Black Screw Covers
  • Gold Screw Covers
  • Bronze Screw Covers
  • Titanium Screw Covers

Additionally, we also offer stainless steel screw cap covers with a satin brushed finish for a contemporary appeal.

Both stainless steel and aluminum screw cap covers are designed to improve the appeal of various forms of signage and picture frames. Since we have a large variety of finishes we are able to offer a solution that will fit in with the existing décor. No professional signage installation is complete without the use of high quality decorative screw covers.


Use of our screw caps is really easy.  Just thread your screw through our threaded retention ring and snug tight to your display. Then, simply screw the cap onto the threads and snug tight.  That's it!  Look at that professional finish in just seconds.