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Projecting Systems

Our projecting and gripper systems are a fantastic way to set your company apart. Project your signage from the wall securely with either of these excellent systems. If you want the tightest hold and don’t mind drilling a couple holes in your display or sign, go for our Projecting System! If you prefer to not have to drill a hole in your material, our Gripper System is sure to get the job done!

Slot Mount Standoffs

Slot Mount Standoffs also referred to as Gripper Standoffs are great for mounting signage either vertically or horizontally, and can be utilized to install partition panels, shelving or signage without creating holes in the material. The set screws have a Nylon tip that prevents damage while holding panels or glass firmly in place.


Projecting Wall Signs

Projecting Standoffs are used to project wall signs outward from a wall. Projecting signs are commonly used for restroom signs, exit signs, handicap signs, among many other uses. These Projecting Standoffs do require that a hole be drilled through the material that they are holding in order to ensure a secure display.

Flag Signs

You've seen them a million times, those professional looking signs that stand out from the wall.  Where do people get them?  What are they called?  

At MBS we offer a Flag Sign that has a stainless steel support coupled with glass to give you a very contemporary looking sign.  These Flag Signs can be used for a variety of resources.  Typically, as seen here, they are used to identify restrooms but the signs come with filler cards that you can print what you'd like on them.