1/4'' Stainless Steel Rod End Screw Set (Inside use only)

1/4'' Stainless Steel Rod End Screw Set (Inside use only)

Our Stainless Steel Rods are the backbone of our Rod Display Systems.

ROD3-ESS is a specially designed part as the finishing piece to ROD3. ROD3 has one threaded end and one tapped end, which allows you to stack as many rods end-to-end to get whatever final length you want!

The Rod Ends Screw Set is sold in pairs (1 female + 1 male) to give you the finishing touch for a gorgeous, seamless rod system

Thanks to the easy installation process you can have an exhibit displayed anywhere you would like in no time! If you look to the right, you will notice technical descriptions about this particular item.

Rod3 Sold Separately

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Diameter 1/4''
Material Stainless Steel
Finish Satin Brushed
Inside/Outside Inside Use Only
Thread Metric M4
Installation Hardware

Use with <a href="/1-4-stainless-steel-rod-3-end-to-end.html">ROD3</a> for a seamless display. See our recommended products at the bottom of the page.

Tools Required None Needed!

Once your ROD3s are screwed together, simply screw each Rod End Screw onto the appropriate end of ROD3!