Full Set Wall Sizes 6'' x 3 1/8'', Standoff: 1''

Full Set Wall Sizes 6'' x 3 1/8'', Standoff: 1''
Full Set Wall Sizes 6'' x 3 1/8'', Standoff: 1''

Our Flat Wall Set Standoffs are a perfect solution for all your indoor signage applications. The elegant finishes that we carry will give your display a unique look that will make it stand out like no other! This set includes both Standoffs and the Glass as well, so you can be confident everything will work together beautifully. If you look below you will notice technical descriptions about this particular standoff set.
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Sku FS3
Diameter 1/2''
Distance From Wall 1 1/16''
Material Stainless Steel
Finish Satin Brushed
Cap Height 1/16''
Inside/Outside Inside Use Only
Solid/Hollow Solid
Head Shape Flat
Washer Included
Width IN 6 1/10''
Height In 3 1/8''
Screw Size for Installation #8
Anchor for Concrete ANC2
Anchor for Dry Wall ANC6, ANC6Z
Installation Hardware #8 Screw & Anchor
Tools Required Screw Driver, Hand drill, M4 Hex Key

Installation is very easy!
Begin by marking where your standoffs will go on the wall.
Drill any holes necessary and insert your anchors into the wall.
Loosen the set screw and remove the head from your standoff.
Then, drop your screw through the barrel and screw it into your anchor.
Drop the caps of your standoffs through the glass and screw the standoffs into the barrels.
Now all that's left to do is take a step back and admire your beautiful work!