Kit of 4 Wall Mounted Edge Grip Kit, Black Anodized Aluminum Standoffs with Acrylic

Kit of 4 Wall Mounted Edge Grip Kit, Black Anodized Aluminum Standoffs with Acrylic


Kits sold with 1 Acrylic Panel, 4 Edge Grips, 4 Screws, 4 Anchors, and 1 Allen Key

Our Wall Mounted Edge Grip Kit is perfect for displaying pictures or information in a beautiful and simple standalone display! Included is our gorgeous and easy to use Acrylic Sign Holder (#AC8511) to hold 8 1/2'' x 11'' materials.

The edge grip design means that you can add or remove your materials with no need to remove hardware or drill more holes. Just gently pry open the acrylic display and update your display in seconds!

The elegant finishes that we carry will give your display a unique look that will make it stand out like no other.

Thanks to the easy installation process you can have an exhibit displayed anywhere you would like in no time!

Acrylic is not recommended for engraving purposes

If you look below you will notice technical descriptions about this particular package.

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Sku ASA1922B-K
Diameter 3/4''
Distance From Wall 7/8''
Material Aluminum
Finish Black
Inside/Outside Inside Use Only
Head Shape Flat
Thickness Material Accepted Between (0'' and 1/8'')
Minimum Thick. Material 0''
Maximum Thick. Material 1/8''
Screw Size for Installation #8
Anchor for Concrete ANC2 (included)
Anchor for Dry Wall ANC6, ANC6Z
Installation Hardware #8 Screws & Anchors (Included)
Tools Required Allen Key (Included)

To install our Edge Grips is quick and easy.
Mark on your surface area where you will put your holes.
Now, drill a hole for each marked area, and then insert your anchors into each hole.
After you put your anchors in you will want to take an Allen key and unlock the edge grip body from the base.
Remove the head of the edge grip and insert the Phillips flat head screw into the barrel and screw into your anchor.
Now, place your material in the slots of the edge grips and tighten the head set screw down until it is tight on your material.
You will now want to insert the heads back into the barrels and tighten the body to the base.
Lastly, take your Allen key and tighten down the set screw to keep the heads tightly holding your material.
Once this is complete, wipe off any finger smudges on the standoff and stare in amazement at your completed project.