Washer Stabilizer

Washer Stabilizer
Washer Stabilizer

Our Washer Stabilizer is a vital part to a functional system and has a beautiful finish to match your Display System perfectly. Its purpose is to separate the rest of the Display System from the wall or other surface to protect all pieces involved. The combination of many high quality parts like this is what gives our Display Systems the ability to become extremely versatile and provides an application for nearly any situation you can imagine! If you look below you will notice technical descriptions about this particular item.
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Sku 100.365
Diameter 1 3/8''
Distance From Wall 3/32''
Material Stainless Steel
Finish Satin Brushed
Inside/Outside Inside Use Only
Washer Included
Rated Strength 55 lbs (25 Kg) per Steel Cable (When Properly Installed)
Installation Hardware None
Tools Required None